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If your organization is undecided about whether it is ready for ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, ETCI's ISO 14001 for Leaders and Managers course will give you a clear understanding of the benefits and of what it will take for your organization to become certified.

If you choose not to go the certification route, this workshop will provide a good basis for developing your own "flavor" of environmental management system, specific to your organization.

Whichever situation applies to you, this is the perfect course to get all of your team on the "same page," understanding what is involved, using the same terminology and with a solid knowledge base to ease the certification process.

ISO 14001 for Leaders and Managers is available under ETCI's GSA-MAS contract.


What You’ll Learn

Day One

How can ISO 14000 benefit your organization?

What is ISO 14000, where does it come from and why should you care?

The role of top management

How to systematically evaluate environmental aspects and legal requirements

Identifying where your organization wants to go through its environmental policy, objectives, and targets

What is required in an Environmental Management Program

Day Two

What is required to implement your Environmental Management Program throughout your organization

How to monitor and measure the results of your program

What is involved in the Environmental Management System Audit

Understanding the management review

How continuous improvement plays a role in ISO 14001

How You’ll Learn It

All ETCI trainings are fast-paced, interactive, and hands-on, designed for you to learn what you need to learn quickly, easily, and enjoyably. As each concept or skill is introduced, you’ll have the opportunity to practice it during the workshop, with situations as similar as possible to those you’ll face back on the job.

Each workshop is specifically tailored to the needs of its participants, within a broader framework of general principles appropriate to the topic. The notebook you’ll receive will serve as a source of valuable information and reference, as well as a concrete reminder of all that you learned during the workshop.

Who Should Attend

In ISO 14001 for Leaders and Managers is ideal for:

Those who are trying to decide whether their organization should become ISO 14001 certified

Those who are ready to begin the certification process

Those who wish to develop their own in-house environmental management system



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