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ETCI is the nation's premier provider of custom-designed environmental training workshops and specialized environmental consulting.

ETCI comprises senior professional environmental environmental impact assessment (NEPA and other frameworks), environmental management systems, (ISO 14001 and other frameworks) and sustainability (The Natural Step and other frameworks).


Leslie E. Wildesen, Ph.D.

Leslie is a co-founder and a Principal of ETCI, and an internationally recognized expert in resource management policy and program development, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental management systems (EMS). Since 1967, she has participated in every aspect of environmental impact assessment from initial resource inventory to EIS preparation and policy development, and has published over 200 papers and presentations.

Her decades of experience include service in both Federal and state agencies, and as a staff member of the US House of Representatives. She has served as an appointee of the President of the United States, the Governors of Oregon and Colorado, and two Secretaries of the Interior on various technical and advisory panels. She has also served as an officer or board member of numerous professional associations, including the National Association of Environmental Professionals, where she chaired the NEPA training committee from 1996-1999.

Jeanne Crouch, MS

Jeanne is a co-founder and a Principal of ETCI, with decades of experience in international banking, business development, and leadership management. Her expertise can be seen in all aspects of ETCI’s successful training and consulting models, and long term client relationships. She is the co-designer and a popular trainer of the International Environmental Leadership Course.

Vaughn L. Brown, MS

A recognized expert in training and public involvement, Vaughn is a master at creating and maintaining a smooth public process or a seamless NEPA training experience. His excellent communication skills and calm presence are complemented by decades of solid in-agency technical experience in NEPA, collaborative process facilitation and resource management planning.

Anton Camarota, MBA

Anton is an internationally recognized expert on environmental management systems and has developed management systems and quality assurance programs based on ISO 9000 and/or ISO 14000 criteria for a wide range of organizations. His books and articles on Environmental Management Systems and leadership have been used as texts for courses worldwide.

Glen Stonefield Greene, Ph.D.

Glen has conducted geoarchaeological analysis and program management since 1962, including managing and conducting archaeological site assessments and stratigraphic/pedological interpretation of major sites in the US and abroad. Glen was a Fulbright Fellow in Colombia, South America and has directed nine (9) archaeological and geological field schools.

Lorraine Heartfield, Ph.D.

A leader in Environmental Compliance Management, Lorraine specializes in solving problems for projects where the compliance and permitting process has gone amuck, and getting projects back on track and within budget. Her decades of experience focus on oil and gas, mining, and water resource development projects.

Germaine Reyes-French, BS

Germaine is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and specializes in endangered species compliance, including habitat surveys and mitigation programs. Since 1974, she has focused on oil and gas (including shale and synfuels), mining, and electric utility projects.

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